"A Consultant is Someone Who Takes Your Watch Away
To Tell You What Time It Is"

Ed Finkelstein


Consultancy Services

Further to my Coaching Services, I also support Businesses large and small to implement strategies from data we can garner from within their business.
If you're looking to increase revenue from your products or services my Consultancy Services can help you.
Sometimes your Business needs expert advice across your Digital Marketing Processes and Social Media Marketing.
Your Business may not have a budget to employ a full time or even part time Digital/Social Media Manager. That's where my experience can help you.
There are so many different areas of Marketing that your Business could be and should be utilising to direct traffic to your Digital Platforms. I can guide you and help you explore the different options that are available.
I will help you to breakdown and simplify the tasks you need to focus on to develop and maximise your true potential online and offline.
I will show you the effective way to add value to your Customers and Followers resulting in building stronger Customer Relationships.

Areas covered . . .

  • Getting Organised Digitally
  • Branding
  • Website Content and Design
  • Blogging
  • Advertising online and offline
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Your Personal Brand and the links with your company brand

Who is the Consultancy service aimed at?

Solo Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Business Owners.
Develop, Plan and Execute

Keynote Speeches:

Your next event need Alan, choose from a wide range of subject matters that will excite and delight your audience. Alan fun and personal keynotes and presentations are packed full of knowledgable Insights to Marketing and Business Development.


Alan can help to deliver results in your business. Key Focus areas that will assist you in aligning your business goals and development lasting results with Alan guidance achieve the success you deserve.

Book A Call with Alan:

If you are looking for advice or direction with your marketing or personal brand. Book an Hour Session with Alan over the phone or on Video Conference Call.