"Success is Greatness Cloaked in Humility"

Garrison Wynn


Keynote Speaker:

One of the best parts of my business is going to events and speaking at them. I am always delighted to connect and share my experiences with an audience whether it be large or small. My passion is to help people, add value and inspire them to bring their business to the next level.

So if you would like me to speak at your next event or conference and are looking for a passionate engaging and experienced speaker, get in contact with me to discuss how I can ignite the spark and motivate your audience to take action.


Areas covered . . .

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Tools
  • Personal Storytelling
  • Your Personal Brand is Your Company Brand
  • The Physiological Behind Social Media
  • Personal Motivation in Business
  • The Power of Podcasting
Alan Hennessy Keynote Speaker
Bank of Ireland

Keynote Speeches:

Your next event need Alan, choose from a wide range of subject matters that will excite and delight your audience. Alan fun and personal keynotes and presentations are packed full of knowledgable Insights to Marketing and Business Development.

Mentorship Programmes:

Alan can help to deliver results in your business. Key Focus areas that will assist you in aligning your business goals and development lasting results with Alan guidance achieve the success you deserve.

Book An Hour with Alan:

If you are looking for advice or direction with your marketing or personal brand and don't want to take on a monthly subscription or Full time Marketing Manager. Book a Hour Session with Alan over the phone or on Video Conference Call.